Greif Journal: Music to Soothe The Ravaged Soul

My commute to work is about two hours, one way. (This is why I only go into the office once a week and telecommute the rest of the time). 

That’s a lot of time in the car, alone with my thoughts. I do not want to be alone with my thoughts right now because it’s really hard to drive with tears pouring down your face. My commute is entirely back roads, and full of animals to dodge. (Seriously, if I ever get in a car accident, it’s going to be because I was hit by a deer, possum, raccoon or other mammal on a mission to win its species’ Darwin Award.) But even dodging animals doesn’t sufficiently distract me from the endless loop of pain in my brain.

I have a Sirius subscription and access to a gazillion channels. But it’s amazing how often there’s nothing on that I want to listen to. So, distracting, mind-numbing music from my iTunes it is. 

Here are some of my recent favorites, in no particular order:

  • Boogie Wonderland – Earth, Wind & Fire
  • Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked – Cage the Elephant
  • If You Wanna Leave – Thorbjorn Risager and the Black Tornado
  • Shake It Off – Taylor Swift
  • Alive and Kicking – Simple Minds
  • Under Pressure – Queen & David Bowie
  • Mr. Brightside – The Killers
  • Heartbreaker – Pat Benatar
  • Cake by the Ocean – DNCE
  • Crumblin’ Down – John Mellencamp
  • Shoop – Salt-N-Peppa
  • Head Over Heels – Tears for Fears
  • Somebody to Love – Original Queen + Queen w/George Michael
  • Raise Your Glass – Pink

Requirements for music include loud, no triggering phrases, and preferably something I can play the air drums to and/or sing along with. Nothing soothing or calming or deep. It’s music to distract—to deflect, not to feel. 

Because I don’t want to be alone with the darkness inside my head, and the emptiness in my heart. 

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