Grief Journal: Sheltering in Place

We are living in strange times. As I write this, our entire state is on lock down, stay safe at home, shelter in place—whatever you call it, we are staying at home and only venturing out for essential items. We’re lucky; we have plenty of food, good internet and a nice, safe home. 

I can’t help but think that the one person who would love this the most isn’t here: Charlie. Right now, we would have been on Spring Break, so we aren’t worrying about lessons or online learning. Instead, we have thrown all of the rules out of the window. Stay in your pjs! Unlimited screen time! Lots of walks/yard play time! Snacks whenever you want! 

That was pretty much Charlie’s idea of a great time. He would have been thrilled.

I wish he were here to enjoy it.  I know that sounds weird, given the reason for the lock down, but it’s true. Even when times are scary and uncertain, there’s always a silver lining, and he would have found it. 

I miss my boy and his enthusiasm and optimism, more than I can say. The world is a darker place these days, and much darker without his light in it. 

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