Grief Journal: Happy 12th Birthday

IMG_0808Today would have been my Charlie’s 12th birthday. I often wonder what he would be like now. How he would be handling middle school. If he would have started puberty yet, and what effect that would have had. If he’d still be into YouTube and LEGOs.

I’ll never know. Instead, all I have is 10 years worth of photos, videos and memories. Here’s a video I made of him from his first year. He was the most adorable little baby.   
(The video link should stream for you on your device. Songs copyrighted by their owners.)

One thought on “Grief Journal: Happy 12th Birthday

  1. Valette, thank you for sharing this adorable video. Without meeting him, but through you, I do know Charlie was an amazing, smart and funny little boy. He lived, loved and touched more lives in his 10 years then a lot of people do in 100. What a gift to have had a Charlie.


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