Grief Journal: Always3


I’ve never been a tattoo person. Not that I object to them, I just could never think of anything I wanted permanently etched on to my skin. I get passionately interested in something, then it burns out or fades away. I know this about myself, which is why I don’t have an Enterprise or TARDIS or mocking jay or chef’s hat–or any of the other 99 things I’ve been really into and still like, but don’t love. You could say I have a commitment issue.

Except when it comes to my kids. They are the one constant in my life. Ever since I saw my first son’s heartbeat flickering on that ultrasound monitor, being a mom has been my highest, best purpose.

And as much as I failed that purpose, I am and always will be, a mom of three amazing children whom I love fiercely, if not always well. 

#alwaysloveCharlie #always3 #missingtheoneinthemiddle

Thanks to Beth at Art & Soul Tattoo in New Glarus for her creativity, patience and giving me the perfect tattoo—one that will always remind me of the light we lost. 

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