Grief Journal: School Memorial

Today, my son’s school is holding an “Imagination Station” event in his honor. Students will use their imagination to draw, write stories, build with LEGOs, and more—Charlie’s favorite school activities. 

Thanks so much to the school staff—principal, counselors, nurse, teachers and paraprofessionals—for organizing this event. It really brings us comfort to know our son’s friends will be remembering him. He may not have loved everything about school, but he loved his teachers and friends. 

He would have been in 5th grade this year, his last before he moved onto the big world of middle school. I know many of his friends still miss him very much, and struggle with understanding the loss they’ve experienced. I hope they’ll enjoy remembering their friend. I hope they’ll remember that Charlie was never afraid to be himself, and that being creative and imaginative is a great thing to be.

Here are a few of the buttons his friends will choose from to encourage them to be themselves, and let their imaginations fly free.

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